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Posted on 2017.05.09 at 09:03
i didn't get accepted into bay area queer zine fest!
i guess this is a good blow to my ego haha.

friend blessings

Posted on 2017.05.08 at 00:54
the time i sent out an email telling everyone i was more depressed than i had been since i was a teen and damien sent me a letter that had all these smooshed flowers in it

the time i was stuck in baton rouge with antoine and nope and contemplating staying at the shelter and io drove from houston to come get us and then take us to his house in houston

the time i got bit in the eye by an ant in some train yard and rybree sewed me an eye patch out of her wool scarf that i could put over my swollen-shut eye while we hitch hiked

(i'm going to add to this.)

Posted on 2017.05.05 at 19:19
i'm kind of the queen of moving on. sometimes i don't want to. sometimes i want to wallow and feel the blood from my heart drip just to be sure. that's part of moving on. sometimes i think there's only one thing to do that can be good--i'm standing in a room full of doors to so many places; a door back, a door to pgh, a door to the desert, a door to hell, a door to the moon (jk themoonlandingwasfaked)--and i have to pick the one right thing. i'm a wise ancient capricorn crone and i wonder where my intuition is. all i get is a panicked heart, a loss of appetite and tired eyes. maybe that's close enough. they tell me i can't stay here. maybe i can come back later but, from this sickness, i can't know. all doors lead to newness and growth. there is no right thing.

Posted on 2017.04.27 at 11:15
the dream i woke up from this morning was like this bad movie i was watching making fun of some dude for being a perv and the movie/dream ended with him dead, showing a skeleton in the middle of the street, with a stamp on it that said like "UCSF" or something (so i knew it was hella fake) and he had no pelvic bone. i think it was some kinda joke about like this guy would die without his dick or something.

anyway, weird dream.

mandela mind dump

Posted on 2017.04.21 at 00:28
mandela effect theory 1: we are from different universes that merged with this one and that's why some people have certain collective memories and some don't.

mandela effect theory 2: some of us are from "old earth" which is a planet on the sagittarius arm of the milky way galaxy and we all remember learning that that's where the earth is, BUT now we're on the new earth which is in the center of the milky way galaxy. some people have had dreams of being visited by angels explaining that we had to relocate.

mandela effect theory 3: i'm just getting into this one and about to watch some videos but this laboratory called cern in switzerland has been running some fucked up tests and i think a physicist there leaked out all this info and then died.

my favorite thing to do with conspiracy theories is find a way for them all to be possible and this one should be pretty easy. other dimension: old earth [/maybe several old earths, or several other dimensions, including old earth.] why did we need to relocate? these god damn science assholes have been messing things up for us! i'll find out more in a second but i just wanted to make sure i had everything so far.

LJ 18th anniversary

Posted on 2017.04.16 at 22:20
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

Posted on 2017.04.13 at 18:04
in other news i had plans to hang out with my friend at 6 tonight. i texted her at like 2:30 to see if she still wanted to hang out and as of 6:04 she hasn't gotten back to me so i'm gonna take a nap now.

Posted on 2017.04.11 at 17:58
i'm experiencing a holistic nutrition school lecture whilst on 14 cups of coffee and muffins only.

Posted on 2017.04.09 at 21:23
last night i went to sleep without some netflick playing for the first time since january

Posted on 2017.03.29 at 08:36
i'm noticing that i'm getting really sad that my cats don't show me the same affection as before and it's like, that's what happens with people, and actually i'm really crazy, i'm sorry everyone.

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