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the church trembled.

wilted to my rainbow.

enola d!
9 January 1985
it has taken me twenty five years to proclaim that i am allergic to the sun and the shower. they both give me splotchy rashes.
924 gilman, abc, abstinence, accountability process, alone time, ambient, ambient transient, analog, anarchism, anarchy, and one, angels of light, animal rights, anti-civ, anti-work, asexual, atheism, awkwardness, bats, bees, bicycles, biking, body hair, body lovers, body loving, body modification, bridges, camping, circus, cirkus, collectives, consent, consent! consent!, corsetry, covenant, crud goth, crushes, crustie, dancing, darkwave, das ich, deine lakaien, diy, do it yourself, drug free, dumpsters, ebm, embers, fancy things, feathers, feminism, freight trains, friends, gilman, goth, gothic, gothz, gutter goth, haircuts, herbal tea, herbalism, hiking, homeless advocacy, homeless homebody, inclusiveness, industrial, infoshops, introversion, letter transfers, libraries, magnetic fields, maps, march violets, me time, mental health, metal, monosexual, morrissey, new model army, new order, nighttime, nonsexual, nux vomica, oceans, offset printing, paganism, prisoner support, punx, queer, queerness, radical, radical goth, reading, rent-free, resistance, retirement, riot goth, riot grrrl, rotting flesh, rotting food, rust, satanism, saws, self-love, self-publishing, sending letters, sewing, sex work, sex-positive, skeletons, skinny puppy, slingshot, sober, squats, squatting, stick n pokes, storms, straightedge, stretching, subways, sunscreen, support, survivor support, swans, tattoos, tears, the down and out, the rev, the rundown, the smiths, this mortal coil, thyme, transcendence, transience, traveling, typewriters, ukuleles, underground, unemployment, urban camping, vampires, veganism, vitamins, volunteering, walking, wild edibles, writing, xvx, xymox, zines